Just green your pallets

green pallets

About 18 million pallets are used annually in the construction industry for building materials such as stone, tile and ceramics, of which only 10% are reused. Pallet Loop has introduced a plan in its own name to change the use of pallets to green pallets to take steps to protect the environment. In this plan, when the products are taken out of the pallets, the pallets are collected and will be informed by phone, application or website to Pallet Loop in order to transmitted , and part of the cost will be returned to the owner of the goods.

Some companies, including Marshalls, Sisk, Countryside, Tobermore and Wolseley Group, have already signed The Pallet Loop Charter. They are committed to exploring how a circular economy pallet scheme could benefit the British business, environment and construction industry as a whole.

For more information you can visit  https://www.thepalletloop.com.

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